Corporate profile

Company name: Kisaichi Brewing Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: 1922 (Company reorganized into company limited in 1962)
Representative: President  Mr. Kazuyasu KISAICHI
資本金 3,000万円
Business description: Manufacture and sale of vinegar (household use and business use), mayonnaise, dressing, and sauces. Sales of purchased goods.
Our products: – vinegar (household use and business use) for Sushi restaurants or other
– seasoned vinetar (OEM production acceptable)
– black vinegar (Pure brown rice black vinegar)
– black vinegar dring
– Japanese pare vinegar drink
– Black currant&Grape vinegar drink
– mayonnaise (several products)
– dressing (several products)
– fermented seasonings
– alcohol disinfectant
– sterilization flavoring for vegetable
Company address: 6-7-45, Higashimichinobe, Kamagaya-shi, Chiba, 273-0115
TEL: +(81) 47-443-2511
FAX: +(81) 47-443-1162